July 2022: SMIEL Ph.D. students win STLE Fellowships

SMIEL Ph.D. students Vishal Sankar Sivasankar and Bhargav Sai Chava have won the STLE (Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineering) Philadelphia section Scholarship. Previously, four more Ph.D. students from SMIEL, Shayandev Sinha, Parth Desai, Harnoor Singh Sachar, and Turash Haque Pial had also won this Fellowship. Many congratulations to Vishal and Bhargav !!!!

March 2022: Turash defends his Ph.D. Dissertation

SMIEL Ph.D. student Md. Turash Haque Pial successfully defends his Ph.D. dissertation on “ATOMISTIC  EXPLORATION  OF DENSELY-GRAFTED POLYELECTROLYTE  BRUSHES:  EFFECT OF  APPLIED  ELECTRIC  FIELD  AND MULTIVALENT  SCREENING COUNTERIONS”. Turash becomes the 6th Ph.D. from the group.

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