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  • 3-D Printing

    3-D Printing refers to ability to carry out additive manufacturing in 3-D space. SMIEL is extensively involved with 3-D printing of electronics and composites on conformal surfaces. Collaborators: Dr. Dan Hines (LPS), Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta (Mechanical, UMD) Graduate Students Involved: Shayandev Sinha Postdocs Involved: Yuan Gu

  • Complex Interfaces

    a. Charged surfaces, EDL theory and electrokinetics Related recent publication 1. S. Sinha#, L. Myers#, and S. Das*, “Effect of solvent polarization on electroosmotic transport in a nanofluidic channel.” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 20, 119 (2016). 2. J. Liu, R. Giakwad, A. Hande, S. Das, and T. Thundat, “Mapping and quantifying surface charges on clay nanoparticles.” […]

  • Soft Matter

    a. Wetting of soft deformable surfaces Related recent publication 1. S. Karpitschka, et al., “Inverted Cheerios eff ect: Liquid drops attract or repel by elasto-capillarity.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 113, 7403-7477 (2016) 2.S. Karpitschka, et al. “Droplets move over viscoelastic substrates by surfing a ridge.” Nature Communications 4, 7891(1-6) (2015).  3. L. A. […]

  • Nanomaterials

    a. Liquid-2-D-material interactions for energy, environmental, and biomedical applications Related recent publication 1. J. Andrews#, S. Sinha#, P. W. Chung, and S. Das*, “Wetting dynamics of a water nanodrop on graphene.” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 23482-23493 (2016). (Selected as the Inside Front Cover Article) Collaborators: Prof. Peter Chung (Mechanical, UMD), Prof. Liangbing Hu (Materials Science, […]