a. Liquid-2-D-material interactions for energy, environmental, and biomedical applications

This research topic focuses on probing the interactions between liquids and 2D materials like graphene, hexagonal Boron Nitride, etc. We employ Molecular Dynamics Simulations for our investigations. The key applications are fabrication of graphene-based water filters, graphene-based heat exchangers and super-capacitors, etc.

Involved Graduate Students (Present): Bhargav Chava

Involved Graduate Students (Past): Joseph Andrews, Shayandev Sinha, Yanbin Wang

Involved Postdoctoral Fellows (Present): Yanbin Wang

Involved Postdoctoral Fellows (Past): Enrqiue Wagemann

Thesis resulting from this topic: WETTING OF GRAPHENE (MS Thesis of Mr. Joseph Andrews), WATER, ION, AND GRAPHENE: AN ODYSSEY THROUGH THE MOLECULAR SIMULATIONS (Ph.D. Thesis of Dr. Yanbin Wang)

Sponsors: CECD (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UMD)

Collaborators: Sushanta K. Mitra (University of Waterloo)

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b. Energy and environmental applications of nanofluidics in abundantly available materials like wood

This research topic focuses on exploring the transport of water and ions in the hierarchical micro-nanochannels of the wood nanocellulose in trees for fabricating solar steam generator, purifying contaminated water, and generating electricity from waste heat.

Involved Graduate Students (Present): Vishal Sankar Sivasankar, Sai Ankit Etha, Harnoor Singh Sachar

Involved Graduate Students (Past): Guang Chen

Collaborators: Prof. Liangbing Hu (UMD)

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c. Applications for Interfacial Sciences for Nanomaterials Fabrication

In this topic, we develop theories to better control the interfacial principles for nanomaterial-based fabrication

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Collaborators: Prof. Liangbing Hu (Materials Science, UMD), Xinyu Zhang (Auburn University)

Involved Graduate Students: Yanbin Wang

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