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a. Liquid-2-D-material interactions for energy, environmental, and biomedical applications

Related recent publication

1. J. Andrews#, S. Sinha#, P. W. Chung, and S. Das*, “Wetting dynamics of a water nanodrop on graphene.” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 23482-23493 (2016). (Selected as the Inside Front Cover Article)

Collaborators: Prof. Peter Chung (Mechanical, UMD), Prof. Liangbing Hu (Materials Science, UMD)

Involved Graduate Students: Joseph Andrews (graduated), Shayandev Sinha, Yanbin Wang







b. Energy and environmental applications of nanofluidics in abundantly available materials like wood

Related recent publication

1. Y. Wang, G. Sun, J. Dai, G. Chen#, J. Morgenstern, Y. Wang#, S. Kang, M. Zhu, S. Das, L. Cui, and L. Hu, “High-Performance, Low Tortuosity Wood Carbon Monolith Reactor.” Advanced Materials (Accepted for Publication).

Collaborators: Prof. Liangbing Hu (Materials Science, UMD)

Involved Graduate Students: Guang Chen, Yanbin Wang










c. Applications for Interfacial Sciences for Nanomaterials Fabrication

Related recent publication

1. Z. Liu, Y. Wang, K. Fu, Z. Wang, Y. Yao, J. Wan, J. Dai, S. Das*, and L. Hu, “Solvo-thermal microwave-powered two-dimensional materials exfoliation.” Chemical Communications, 52, 5757-5760 (2016).

2. Z. Liu, L. Zhang, R. Wang, S. Poyraz, J. Cook, M. Bozack, S. Das, X. Zhang, and L. Hu, “Ultrafast microwave nano-manufacturing of fullerene-like metal chalcogenides.” Scientific Reports, 6, 22503(1-8) (2016). (media coverage:

Collaborators: Prof. Liangbing Hu (Materials Science, UMD), Xinyu Zhang (Auburn University)

Involved Graduate Students: Yanbin Wang