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Author Archive | Siddhartha Das

July 2018: Paper accepted in Journal of Physical Chemistry B

In this paper, we describe theoretically a most remarkable situation where end-charged polyelectrolyte brushes significantly enhance the diffusioosmotic transport in nanochannels by localizing the electric double layer charge density away from the channel walls…this is Raja’s first paper, Harnoor’s 6th, and Haoyuan 8th paper from the group. A BIG congratulations to all of them !!!!!

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June 2018: Paper accepted in PNAS

In our 2015 Nature Communication paper, we have provided a force-based argument  to explain the drop motion. A recent paper in PNAS claimed our theory to be flawed on the basis of an energy-dissipation-based argument. In this paper, which is a Letter to the Editor, we showed that the claim of this PNAS paper was […]

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