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Author Archive | Siddhartha Das

June 2019: Paper accepted in Matter

In this paper, we use MD simulations to show that a liquid drop behaves a nanoparticle and exhibits elastocapillary adhesion behavior on a layer of solvophobic polymer brushes. This is Parth’s 9th paper, Yanbin’s 10th, Harnoor’s 12th paper, and Haoyuan’s 13th paper from the group. Congrats all !!!!

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February 2019: Paper accepted in Langmuir

In this paper, we discuss the electrostatics and interactions of a silica Nanoparticle approaching the plasma membrane accounting for the ionization of the silica nanoparticle in the ionic environment of the plasma membrane…..This is Harnoor’s 11th paper and Vishal’s 2nd paper from the group. Congrats both !!!!

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